moi2 (2)This little alf-blogger thingy intends to be an Alfresco Community Blog made by a simple community member. In real life, i am a Records Manager. I currently work as  Head of Department at the moroccan National Library and of course, i live in Morocco! That’s why i hope all folks that will come along to visit this blog won’t blame me for my average english. Yes, i would rather write this in french, wich is one of my native languages but i prefer to do it in english because my first intention is to share the little things i know and that i want to discuss with all kind of people among the world who also love Alfresco Community as much as i do.

I am not a technical user, but i worked and studied hard to learn and  begin coding since the beginning of 2015. I’ve made significant progress and i have grown passionate for Alfresco configuration and development. I am still a beginner and the despair i felt in some situations made me to think about creating this blog, to help alfresco users like me  who want to go look at the other side, where programers, engineers and software architects rule the world.

I hope you enjoy it!


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